Do Security System Yard Signs Really Keep Burglars Away?

Yard Sign

Stop BurglarsDo Security System Yard Signs Really Work?

Do Yard Signs Work? when setting up a security system in your home, you usually get one of those nice signs to place in your front yard. But does that sign in your front yard actually deter burglars? The answer is “yes” a security yard sign helps keep some burglars at bay.

According to a study that surveyed 422 incarcerated burglars, security signs were the 9th most considered security measure.

Which makes sense from a burglar’s perspective. They want to get in and out with no trouble. And a security sign is, well, a sign that breaking into the home may be more trouble than it’s worth. So they’ll choose a different target instead.

Of course, now you may be thinking…

“Why not just use a fake security yard sign?”

You probably wouldn’t want a fake security sign (and no security system) for 3 reasons:

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1) Smarter burglars will find out

According to the study, there are two types of burglars:

Impulsive Opportunists: The majority of burglars fit into this category and are looking for an easy win. Meaning a security sign may be enough to keep them away

Deliberate Planners: This group will scope out a home—sometimes three days in advance—to determine the best way to get into your home as quickly and quietly as possible. If possible, they’ll cut your phone line if you have a landline monitored security system.

Because this group is so thorough, they’re likely to discover that you don’t actually have a security system and break in without fear.

Long story short: a security sign may deter burglars looking for a quick in and out, but it won’t deter those who plan more meticulously.

2) Drugs and alcohol inhibit rational decision making

A security sign may work against those who are thinking rationally but not against those under the influence of alcohol or drugs—which many burglars are.

According to the previously mentioned study, “The decision to commit a burglary is often made while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or during periods of substance abuse. Also, offenders state that using substances prior to a burglary helps to reduce fear.”

3) No peace of mind

Finally, because our home will still be vulnerable to certain burglars (like the ones mentioned above), you won’t have the peace of mind that comes with a security system.

Summary: Security signs are helpful but not foolproof

A security yard sign can keep many burglars at bay—but not all.

The smarter burglars will find out if you’re faking it. And the inebriated ones won’t care. In both those cases, you need a rock-solid security system to keep your family safe.

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