Mobile Medical Alert System


The ihelp+ 3G is a revolutionary mobile medical alert system designed to keep you SAFE, whether you are at home or on the go.

Revolutionary Device

The ihelp+ 3G is a revolutionary mobile medical alert system designed to keep you SAFE, whether you are at home or on the go. No base station or landline required. The microphone and speaker are built in! 2-way communication with our highly-trained emergency team is just a click away. And cellular connection means you can stay connected almost anywhere!

2-Way Voice Speakerphone Pendant Communicator

Living independently is the desire of most individuals. However there are times when living alone can mean there is nobody to assist you during an emergency.

Get Help No Matter Where You Are

The iHelp +3G is the latest on-the-go alert system ideal for seniors, college students, children, real estate agents, travelers, special medical needs, and more. Call Gill Security at (910) 433-2868 to speak to one of our security representatives today!

Discover How The ihelp System Can Protect Seniors, College Students, Children, Real Estate Agents, Travelers, Special Medical Needs, and More.


Features and Functions

The new iHelp+ 3G™ has superior features and the latest functions.

The Mobile Medical Alert System is ideal for aging adults, those who work alone, child safety, and for travelers.  To learn more about our mobile personal emergency device, call and talk to one of our representatives at 910-433-2868.

Lightweight - 1.5 ounces - comfortable to carry or wear.

Durable - Shatter-resistant with rugged construction.

Small In Size - 2.5” x 1.8” x .67 - compact yet powerful.

Loud - Crystal clear audio quality - No need to hold to the ear or mouth to listen or speak.

One-Touch Operation and Braille Button - Press the button 2 seconds and the call is placed. Anti-cancel prevents cancelling the call if the button is pressed again. ‘Help’ in braille is written on the button as well for extra protection.

Waterproof - Wear it in the bath or shower where most accidents occur. *IPX7 rating states product is protected against high pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted (ex. shower). Protected against short periods of immersion in water (3.3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes - ex. bath).

Wireless Network - Take it wherever you go on a nationwide 3G wireless network

Voice Prompts - Lets you know the status of your call. Ex. Your emergency call is now being dialed, please stand by.

Direct GPS Location - Sends your position directly to the monitoring center and/or a loved one.

Fall Detection - Notifies the monitoring center/loved ones if you fall.

Geo-Fencing - Notifies operator/friends/family if you are near and/or step out of your pre-programmed ‘safe zone’.

Extended Battery Life - 72 Hour Use - For maximum use between charges.

Battery Status Indicator/Fully Supervised Battery - Visual and audio indicator of battery status. Battery indicator lights (and cellular strength indicator light) surround the call button and will let you know when the battery or cellular signal strength is low. The pendant will also announce that the battery is low, and the unit will notify the monitoring center as well. The monitoring center will then report the low battery status back to you.

Protected Phone Number - Only the monitoring center can call you on your protected phone number, and this will ring your iHelp+ 3G™. This will help to locate your pendant in the event of misplacement.



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The ihelp+ 3G is a revolutionary mobile medical alert system designed to keep you SAFE, whether you are at home or on the go.

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