What You Should Do To Protect Your Home After A Robbery

Adding Window Sensors To Your Home

After A Robbery

Living through a robbery is tough. But with the right approach, you can move past the trauma and into a safer, more secure future. Signs of robbery are hard to ignore. Broken glass, scattered possessions, open windows and muddy footsteps all point to the presence of an intruder. Your first instinct may involve cleanup. You may rush into the area to see what’s left and what’s remaining. It’s an understandable response, but it’s not the right approach.

Experts suggest that you should leave the scene immediately and call the police from a safe spot, like your car. This serves two important purposes:

  • You won’t contaminate the scene. Police officers may want to dust for fingerprints, measure shoe prints and otherwise look for clues. The more you move things around, the harder that work will be.
  • You won’t put yourself in danger. Has your robber left the scene? You may not be sure. If you stay to find out, you could get hurt.

What You Should Know

Most robbers would do almost anything to avoid meeting you. In fact, researchers suggest that 75 percent of burglars will abandon a robbery attempt if they thought someone was coming home. But a trapped robber can quickly become a dangerous opponent. If you walk in on a robbery and you catch someone holding your precious items, that criminal could harm you to get away. Some might push you or press by you, but others might resort to violent attacks.

The numbers may have shifted since then, but the message remains the same. Criminals are dangerous, and you shouldn’t try to stop them on your own without getting hurt.

When the police arrive, they will clear the area and tell you when it’s safe to enter. They may ask questions about when you think the incident happened, and you might be asked to describe big-ticket items you’re missing. The police will file an official report of the burglary, and officers will give you a case number. Make sure you write that number down if it’s not printed on any paperwork they give you. You will need that number to complete other steps we’ll mention here.

Within the week

Protect your home from future theft, and make sure you don’t become the victim of another crime. 

Criminals know that most homeowners have insurance, and they know that most people replace items that are taken. As a result, many crooks come back to the scene for a second attack when they think there will be a new bounty to steal.

Choosing the right security system takes time, and you may not be able to install a complete solution in a week. But you can take small steps to protect your home. You can install the following:

These solutions come together in minutes, and they can be a deterrent against another home invasion.

Your lost items may appear in pawn shops and online auction sites within the week of the burglary. Look for the things you’re missing, and file a report when you spot them. You could give the police the evidence they need to convict your robber.