If You See This On Your Door Handle, Your Home May Be In Danger

Fire PreventionIf You See This On Your Door Handle, Your House May Be In Danger

Considering the fact that 60% of burglaries happen through forced entry, it’s safe to say these people definitely know how to get into your home even when it’s all locked up. As for 30% of home invasions, they involve an intruder just coming right in through an unlocked door or window!  Your home may be in danger, one of the most popular things burglars are doing nowadays is tying a thread on the front door handle and fixing it to the nearby wall or door frame. This thread is so thin that a casual onlooker won’t even notice it.

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Your home may be in danger, another trick they use that works pretty much the same way is leaving a cookie under the doormat. By checking the cookie regularly, intruders get a good idea on your whereabouts. If it’s crushed, you’re at home or have been there recently. The master bedroom is the first place a criminal will target. And in most cases, they’ll hit the jackpot. Statistically, people keep their cash, jewelry, and collectibles in this room.

Your house is empty during the day. There’s a common misconception that burglaries happen at night, but that’s when most people are at home. This increases a burglar’s risk of getting caught. Therefore, it’s much safer for them to commit their crimes during the day when everybody’s at work or school. Nothing beats a home security system and surveillance. If a criminal notices an alarm and an operating camera, they’ll most likely cross your home off of their list of potential targets. Thieves don’t like the risk of being recognized.

If a burglar breaks into your house during the night, nothing will be easier for them than to grab your valuables and quietly sneak away. The best place to keep your car keys and wallet at night is near your bed.

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