4 Reasons You Should Get A Video Doorbell

Skybell Video Doorbell4 Reasons You Should Get A Skybell Video Doorbell

The Skybell HD Video Doorbell feature a high-definition camera with 1080 pixels in your doorbell that is connected to your phone or other smart device. Once someone presses your door buzzer, it sends a live video feed directly to your smartphone so that you can see who is at the door. It also allows you to have a two-way conversation with the person at the door without having to physically go to the door.

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1. Skybell Can Connect To Your Gill Interactive App

You do not have to worry about the integration of the Skybell Video Doorbell. You are a Gill Interactive App customer through ATP, Skybell will easily integrated with your current system.

2. See Who Is At Your Door 

With a Skybell HD Video Doorbell you can see who is it at your door before you answer & record it too With the HD 1080-pixel camera, you can clearly see who is at your door. The Skybell Video Doorbell comes with color night vision so that you can see any visitors at night. You can also snap a photo of the person at your door for future use if necessary.

With the two-way audio system, you can speak with the person outside whether or not you are home. When a thief comes by to canvass your home you can pretend to be home by speaking with him/her through the two-way audio, even when you are out of the country.

3. iOS And Android Compatible

The Skybell app works with both iOS and Android smartphones (the latter in effect 2017) so that you have access to your doorbell no matter your operating system. It also accommodates multiple users so that additional members of your family have access to the system.

The app also offers the ultimate in convenience. Turn off the ringer so that the household, or a sleeping baby, is not disturbed when the doorbell rings.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

You have a choice of color to match your existing door accessories. Choose between silver or bronze for your Skybell Video Doorbell.

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