Sun is setting on 2G Cellular Security Systems

AT&T wireless has begun phasing out its second generation cellular network (known as 2G) throughout the country in order to provide better data service. Security companies nationwide have used this technology to provide customers with digital wireless monitoring for many years.

Due to AT&T’s updating of their digital network, the current digital cellular device for your security system will no longer function in the near future and will need to be replaced for your property to be monitored.  It was originally announced that the shutdown would occur in January 2017. AT&T has just informed us that that the shutdown has already started in our area. 

Please be advised that during this transition period, your security system’s communication  may stop functioning until Gill Security installs a new device. 

We strongly recommend that you test your security system weekly. We have provided testing instructions for our customers on our website at  Testing Your System page.

Please call our office at (910) 433-2868 and ask to schedule an appointment to replace your GillNetDigital device. This appointment will take about one hour.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards this transition. A list of informative websites is listed below to provide further information on this issue.

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